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Shitolian - poetry by O Persaud

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This tale chronicles an apocalypse that killed millions of Americans, each one within minutes, the entire group in a couple of days. Central to the story is a cross-country tunnel with a canal fed by global warming ocean overflow. Atop the channel, is a submerged uni-rail carrier. 

My protagonist begrudgingly worked on the wall with others, also forced out of their careers, to perform hard labor on the wall. The mafia and Mexican government created a secret agenda to sabotage the wall by planting chemical agents in its construction. The ingredients' design caused the wall to crumble gradually before its completion. 

At an outdoor café in Provincetown, his beer-soaked tongue let slip the nature of the sabotage cliques. From that point, he lived like a fugitive with the government chasing him and his secrets. He innocently became involved with three dead bodies, which tightened his life on the run. 

One key to this order of magnitude success was infiltrators from other countries who lived in the U.S. for two years, gaining America’s trust and the friendship of its citizens. But they betrayed their new homeland with the coast to coast distribution of the chemical warfare agent, a lethal strain of marijuana. Another key was the mass murder date – April 20.

His private investigations led him to capture scenarios that required intricate escape sequences. There is a multi-nation force behind the massacre that operated an underground organization with an extended-range plan of controlling the Western Hemisphere. 

His lover and partner in crime questioned him in ways that drew out detailed descriptions of the past, the motives for the present, and speculation of the future. Her loyal involvement kept him sane.

He came in possession of a cryptic map that proved Mexico, the apparent massacre mastermind, was not guilty. Instead, a conspiracy of 7 countries led by Russia created the massacre followed by an attack on American soil, when the U.S. was most vulnerable. The infiltrators played a pivotal role in a take no prisoners battle then went home waiting for another attack. Aside from political satire, and many parallels that track America’s 2020 Corona Virus Pandemic; the story is not so far-fetched.



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Lud Mueller's senior year in high school crashes down all around him as his parents are legally kidnapped. While he and his brother, Herman, try to pretend a normal life, government g-men scrutinize their every move. It's 1942, and every legal alien of German descend is suspect...no matter how long they've called America home. Sent to an internment camp in the Texas desert, Lud learns brains survive the camp better than fists. Unfortunately, he can't fight the secret deal that united his family after almost a year of separation.



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It's the 14th century and teenager Ricardo must leave home in Spain to find his own way in the world. He encounters historic figures and learns about natural healing methods along the way. His journey takes him through Europe, Africa and Asia as he clashes with kidnappers, samples exotic foods, and learns about world culture, beliefs, and religions. He meets both royalty and the impoverished, leaving an impact wherever he goes. Fast-paced, fun reading for kids and young adults filled with historical and unusual facts, food and customs.

A Wish Granted: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution (The Joy Chronicles Book 3) by Joy Elaine

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Feel yourself in the wedding party at the first ever fairy wedding. Listen as the dragon king relates the history of dragons on Earth. Meet representatives from thirty-nine universes—including a six-foot-tall, green-feathered bird from the Sehhoetica Universe and a seventeen-foot-tall woman from the all-feminine Inzleeookeerah Universe.

Path of Sweetness: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution (The Joy Chronicles Book 1) - non-fiction book by Joy Elaine


Learn about Earth's future from an unimpeachable source -- Ashtar Commander Tonas -- who has been observing Earth for over 100,000 years. He's over twenty-five million years old (looks about thirty) and can peek into the future. Join us (energetically) on his Ashtar Command spaceship and add your hopes and dreams to the elevating transmissions we send to Earth.

Hit and Run: A Thrilling Novel of Romantic Suspense by Lori Matthews


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Gage Callahan knew his latest assignment with Callahan Security was going to be a disaster.

He traipsed around Europe to locate the computer programmer he was hired to protect only to discover she’s actually a hacker hiding in Alaska. Tensions mount when she narrowly escapes becoming roadkill as a vicious organization comes after her. It will take all his ingenuity to rush her to safety, especially when Gage’s primary objective…get her and the prototype to New York…becomes secondary to protecting his heart from a fatal attraction to the spunky woman.


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Ben Evers is a drifter that never stays in one place too long, always hankering to see what’s over the next horizon. His traveling companion—an eagle. He lives by two rules. Mind his own business and always treat women with respect. The first rule stands him in good stead until he meets former Texas Ranger John T. McAllen and his niece Kate Landon. The two are drawing him into their lives and Ben knows from personal experience no good ever comes from getting involved in other folks’ trouble. John T. and his neighbor are caught up in a feud over land and Clary’s daughter. When danger strikes, swift and hard, Ben has a decision to make. Turn his back and ride away from people he’s grown to care about or break his rule of minding his own business, and stay and fight.

A Taste of Sweetness (A Blossom Hills Romance Book 1) by Kate Alexander


Zoey  was used to people falling in love with her baking, but she never expected to find a man who would fall in love with her when she moved from Lexington to Blossom Hills.  She left a bad relationship and tedious job to open a bakery in the hometown of an old college friend in Blossom Hills.  The small town is perfect for her new life.  She can’t wait to reconnect with her friend and have a fresh start.  When she arrives in town in the middle of the night she makes her way to what she thought was her new apartment.  It isn’t until she is woken up by a smiling shirtless man the next morning that things get really interesting.

Tyler is back in his hometown after having his heart broken by his ex-girlfriend who had cheated on him.  He moved back home to start his own business, reset his priorities and reconnect with friends and family.  Zoey immediately makes a lasting impression on Tyler when he finds her asleep on his couch in his apartment. It isn’t long before he realizes that he has met his match in nearly every way with this captivating woman.

Zoey opens her new bakery in this quirky little town, and is excited for her newfound friendships.  She also discovers that she can’t resist Tyler’s charms for long.  They have built their own little world filled with comfort and happiness with each other and their friends.

Can this happiness last or will Zoey’s past come back to destroy their new future?

Island Girls - an imaginative harem adventure novel by Rodzil LaBraun


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A wonderful remote island getaway.  Peaceful.  Secluded.  Safe?  Well, not so much.

You see, it is not a vacation at all.  In fact, Joah Maroon has no idea how he got there.  Neither do the lovely women that encounters.

Soon Joah finds himself trapped without any knowledge of his captors.  Except that they like to watch people compete in deadly games.  The lure of sexy females is distracting, but he is relentless in his search for a means of escape.  For himself and his dazzling new friends.

Island Girls is the first book in a harem adventure trilogy for mature readers only due to explicit sex, violence and profanity.
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